St. Vincent Pallotti was born in Rome, April 21, 1795. He founded the religious Congregations of fathers, Brothers and Sisters, who are known all over the world as Pallottines. He was canonized a saint on 20th January, 1963.

St. Vincent Pallotti gave special emphasis to the fact that every Christian is called to apostolate and has from Jesus a mission for the Church and for the world. He was aware that the bishops, priests, and religious alone cannot carry total responsibility for evangelization. Lay people, too, have the obligation and right too actively participate in the mission of the Church. To implement this concept he founded the Union of Catholic Apostolate, which is a loose federation of all the interested persons from all sections of the Church.

PAC works towards actualizing this vision & mission of St. Vincent Pallotti by strengthening the Church at locally and globally.

Cross symbolizing God’s infinite love


* Revive faith and renew love in the hearts of all in order to inspire and instill in them a personal conviction to build up a harmonious society.


* Build up Union of Catholic Apostolate (UAC) cells all over the country as a means to gather all the sections of the people of God for their own renewal and deeper commitment.

* Promote BECs/SCCs since it is “The new way of Being Church”

* Promote leadership which ensures active participation of all and coordination of apostolic activities for better result.

* Help every Indian to understand his/her own faith as a means to promote human harmony and build a just society in our motherland.

* Prepare suitable training programme, net work with people of similar mind and become a repository of information and action programme.


* PAC is situated in the city of Nagpur which is the heart of India.

Nagpur is known as “the orange city”, and oranges from here have a special taste and is well-known fruit in India. Situated in this central city of India, well-connected by rail and air, people from all over India can easily reach this place.



“PRERNA” (Inspiration), is a residential block with a capacity of 22 double-bedded rooms. A hall with a capacity to seat 50 persons.


“PRACHODANA” (Motivation), is another residential block with 20 four-bedded rooms (dormitory) and 2 two-bedded rooms. It has also a hall capacity for 100 persons.


“PRAYOJANA” (Usefulness), The administrative block has the reception and other offices, the dining hall, 3 A/c rooms, 25 seated A/c conference hall and an auditorium that can seat 250 persons.

Prashanti Chapel

The Centre has a chapel-a house of prayer, “Prashanti” (Tranquility), which is situated in the heart Centre, which indeed provides tranquility to all who step in.

Office Bearers


0712- 2581744, 2581255

Pallottine Animation Centre, Post Box No. 18, Pallotti Nagar, Gorewada-RingRoad, Nagpur- 440013, Maharashtra, INDIA